My name is Michaël de Boevé and I am a front-end developer - and designer with over 10 years of experience.

After getting myself familiar with HTML, CSS and Flash, my career jumpstarted in 2006 by following a course at VDAB and getting an internship at Atomik Studios, a small digital production studio based in Antwerp.
This internship quickly resulted in a position as Multimedia Designer / Front-end Developer for the coming years.

In 2009 Atomik Studios got merged with Duval Guillaume Antwerp, to be the in-house development team. After a couple of fun years at Duval Guillaume, I decided to broaden my horizons and got a position as main digital handyman at LDV United, where, after a while, I decided to do some part-time freelancing and later that year taking my chances as a fulltime freelancer.

As freelancer I worked for (amongst others) LDV United, TBWA, Shurgard, Digital Craftsmen, Emakina and Internet Architects.

In 2015 Superlatief GCV was born. Marking the end of my one-man business and entering the undisclosed partership territory.


What I do


As Front-end Developer, my main focus lies on delivering clean, readable and maintainable code for the web that works on just about any device.


Being a coding-designer hybrid, I design with development, devices and usability in mind, without compromising on the aestethics, or the client's wishes.


Besides fiddling around with HTML, CSS and Javascript, I do venture out on the server side of things a little… Mainly for Wordpress customisation and theming.


If you like to take a look at some of my work, please contact me.


Superlatief GCV

Moonsstraat 26
B-2018 Antwerpen

+32 (0) 478 64 26 35